Bulls Meet With Jannero Pargo

jannero pargoFree agent point guard Jannero Pargo meet with the Chicago Bulls earlier today. Pargo played with the Bulls from 2003-2006.

Pargo’s agent referred to the confrontation as a “Great Meeting.”

Jannero would give Chicago some added bench scoring from the wing position that Ben Gordon provided. Gordon recently agreed to terms with the Detroit Pistons.

Pargo’s most recent NBA club, the New Orleans Hornets, are also said to be interested in signing him.

Jannero averaged eight points and two assists backing up Chris Paul two seasons ago.



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2 responses to “Bulls Meet With Jannero Pargo

  1. This would be fantastic!

    The dirty secret about the brilliant Bulls-Celts series was that the back end of our bench was a non-factor. We basically only played seven guys. Swap a healthy Deng for a departed Gordon, and we’re still at seven, since who knows what we’ll get from the rooks.

    And of course we are heavy on the bigs with almost no guards (Rose, Hinrich…and then Hunter, Roberson, Nelson?), so to have Pargo back in the fold would be wonderful. I always thought Little Ben was a rich man’s Pargo anyhow, and Jannero is no stranger to “making memories” himself: http://readjack.wordpress.com/2009/05/05/may-4-2005-game-5-pargo-the-comeback-and-gilbert-arenas/

    Anyhow, thanks for the Pargo scoop. Hope we sign him. Go Bulls.



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